In the development strategy of the Corporation, the construction and erection bidding are the traditional fields and strengths of Minh An. From a subcontractor taking part into the projects, after 12 years, Minh An with its strong internal resources as well as financial resources and professional management has become a leading and prestigious choice for large projects in all modes, from the main contractor, general contractor EPC to the forms of BOT, BT, BOO. Minh An is contracted to build civil, industrial and infrastructure projects throughout the country.

In addition to contracting construction works with local partners, Minh An always highly appreciates the contractual cooperation of construction works with foreign construction companies. Through this, the staff, engineers and workers of the Corporation have the opportunity to learn though experience, improve management capacity and professional working style from foreign partners in countries such as Japan, Korea, USA, China...

In the field of construction, with the professional staff of 60 enthusiastic engineers, architects, supervisors and more than 1000 skilled workers are divided into many professional teams such as: Construction Enterprise, Finishing Team, Furniture Workshop, Mechanical Workshop, Electric -Water Team, Painting Team ..., Minh An is ready to commit to customers on the standards in the process of cooperation and work to obtain the most perfect works with a companion message of building the customer’s happiness.

Being trusted to become the contractor for the customer’s projects, Minh An commits to bring a series of outstanding and long-term benefits:

1. Shortening the progress, increasing the efficiency of cash flow use for the investors.

2. Optimizing the project management manpower cost.

3. Consulting the construction methods and raw materials in accordance with the capital source.

4. Taking the initiative in every stage from performing supervision, coordinating progress to committing safety in construction and quality of the whole project on behalf of the investor.