Lump-sum service for the design, production, construction and installation packages

Originating in 1992, Minh An is proud to be the leading brand in the field of kitchen cabinet - luxury interior in Vietnam, providing a lump-sum service for the interior design, production, construction and installation packages in accordance with each specific style, suitable for each living space by the creativity and dedication of the design team. The design of Minh An with 3D perspective helps customers visualize their interior space in a realistic and lively way.

Creating true and perfect value for customers is the principle of operation and desire of Minh An throughout many past years.

Door-to-door delivery service

With the motto of serving the customers the best, Minh An provides door-to-door delivery and installation services as required for the construction to be easier and more convenient than ever. Our door-to-door delivery service is free for the customers in Ho Chi Minh City area. For customers in other areas, Minh An will support delivery with the most reasonable cost.

Developmental milestones:

  • 2011: Completing the process system in accordance with ISO 9001.
  • 2013: Opening the wood furniture production workshop.
  • 2014: Focusing on the high-class customer segment, comprehensive investment with overall design and execution, high art and quality requirement.
  • 2018: Targeting 100% of the customers will be satisfied with Minh An's services by the professional and reliable deployment processes.
Targeted customers

  • Customers who need an interior decoration for their apartments, houses in the lump-sum mode.
  • Customers who have the fair and high-grade investment demand by their semi classical and modern style.
  • Customers who are interested and need our services:
    • High commitment to perform the services.
    • Design is suitable for the use and the proper, durable, high aesthetic materials are used.
    • As EPC for the finishing work, electrical machinery, wood furniture, interior decoration.
    • Quotation is clear, detailed with the completed information, commit to construction in accordance with the approved materials and equipment.
    • Costs are in accordance with the expected investment level, not incurred.
    • One door, fast and long-term maintenance, devoted customer support to ensure that the works is always well-executed and repaired in time.

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